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Hi guys! So, this is the first post of me talking about my life in this second semester of my Erasmus. There are a lot of things I want to talk to you about, I think I’ll make a summary.


1. Well, first of all, I’m finally adopting English as my first content creation language. I won’t bore you with this but, after thinking too much about it, I understood that although I’m still not really fluent, especially speaking, in this language, I feel freer using it. It always has been this way, don’t really know why, but I’ve always felt less intimidated by the thought of other people reading my posts, watching my youtube videos and listening to my music if I’m talking in English. One of the main reasons is because my parents have become really good stalkers of my content. And my content is not always (almost never) appropriate. So, perhaps my writing must contain huge mistakes, most of my post from now on will be in English. I just installed the Grammarly app to try to correct my English as I’m writing and it looks like it works 🙂

2. I’m studying International Studies! So, the field of study I was in in the first semester in Roskilde University was Communication Studies, which was kinda cool but… it left me thinking I could have learned more in some aspects… (Even though I failed one subject, but then passed the re-exam! so everything’s fine). For reasons I don’t need to detail now, I had the chance of changing the field to International Studies for this semester. This field of study has always awakened an interest in me. In my Spanish university there is a double-career option that combines journalism and I.E., but guess what, the grade needed was too high for me.

Resultado de imagen de bad gyal internationally gif
More international than Bad Gyal hehe

So, I took the chance and now I’m infiltered in classes such as International Political Economy, Global Governance or Economy of Development. It’s been really interesting for me and I think I’m going to earn a lot of basic knowledge that will change the way I’ve been looking at journalism until now. I’m doing my project group about Cryptocurrencies and this is also a great topic in my opinion. My mind keeps being very divergent when it comes to my interests. As my mother says, we don’t know where will I «put the egg» (weird Spanish expression I guess). I’m just still completely unable to decide what field will I want to focus on, for my future professional career. It seems clear to me now that I do like journalism, but while I was sure that musical or cultural journalism was my thing, I find myself now interested and shocked by the spectacle of politics and even economics. Also, my interest in the computer sciences has not left my mind, and with all this cryptocurrencies study I’m doing for my project, it’s for sure not going away.

Foto 3-2-19 21 07 02 (1)
A cute cat inside a car we found on a trip we made to the north of Denmark.

interests list.png

3. So I made that interests list to try at least, to organize and understand which aspects of like I want to study and elaborate on (and wow I was at 1% battery percent). The worst part is that more topics will be added to the list with time, yesterday I thought about nature, too.

What I’m trying to discover is, how can I fulfill all of this with the very little limited time we have per day, also including my absurd love for sleeping. Well, what many would say is, you should concentrate on one, and work until you are great on it. But that makes me really sad because I don’t think there’s nothing that makes me happy enough to just go with that forgetting the rest. And that’s a real problem I have because nowadays the money goes to the specialists, people who are really good at one thing. This whole topic reminds me a lot of old JPelirrojo (Spanish youtuber) videos where he used to say that he doesn’t like that idea neither, he said he preferred to be a pupil of everything that a master of one. And fuck, I like that philosophy, such a shame that now he is not doing pretty well in his life apparently :/

Foto 9-2-19 16 57 23
Me in the mothefucka gym!

PAUSE. Just wanted to tell you, it’s 2:44 am while I’m writing this, and of course, this is time for trance music. I’m listening to this compilation right now, and yeah, what do you think of this kind of music? I actually love this and synthwave too, I love to feel like in a post-apocalyptic future or in an Elon Musk’s rave, by the way, the fact that he is dating Grimes (one of my favorite artists ever) is one of the things that has kept me without sleep for the past weeks, I’m still shocked.

4Probably the most shocking thing about this list of new trends in my life. IM GOING TO THE GYM. Fuck, I’m going to the gym, it is really funny if you actually know me. Turns out Roskilde University has a gym available for students (paying 300 kr for 3 months, but that’s not expensive anyway), and since I already had a friend that was going to help my fear of making the first step alone, I said ok let’s go for it. So this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, so actually, I had no problem in maintaining a routine for the two weeks I’ve been going. Actually these past days I didn’t go, but just because I caught a cold and these have been bad days for me, feeling sick and all, but I’m better now!

I’ve been physically active, not only for the gym but because I’ve been managing to not wake up too late and all that shit. I even tried to get a job in Denmark and went out for a trial as a supermarket stocker, funny story. For many reasons, I decided to quit the job.

I might make an article about that later.

I think that was already a lot of information for today, I think I really needed to make up my mind a little bit by just writing a bit about my current situation haha. More articles coming soon telling you things you are probably not interested in.

Alberto, xoxo.

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