A walk in Kastellet

This morning I made a little trip to the Spanish Embassy in Copenhagen, situated in Østerport. The reason was to fill up the documents I need to be able of voting for the general elections of Spain in April, the 28th. This was very exciting for me because this will be the first time that I’m voting in my life. After not participating in the Andalucia elections that took place the 2nd of December of this year (while I should have voted because I’m from Málaga), and after sadly watching the, in my opinion, not so good result, I realized the importance of the young people voting.

So even if it was a bit difficult to manage to vote from another country, me and my Spanish friends in Denmark knew that we were going to do whatever is necessary to vote for the generals. After completing all the forms, we will patiently wait for a letter to reach our mailbox, containing all the information from the different parties.

It will be special for all of us, the Spanish group, to vote for the first time, in a crucial moment as the one Spain is living right now.

So, after leaving the embassy, I decided to take a walk through the surroundings, and I found unintentionally a quite beautiful place in Copenhagen, the Kastellet Fortress. I didn’t even know I was in such an important place, and a military yelled at me for walking in the grass  😅

Certainly, Denmark keeps surprising me with more beautiful spaces, but that doesn’t change the fact that all of us in the Erasmus crew are very frustrated because the sky doesn’t cease to be grey.

Anyways, enjoy the pics 🙂

All pictures were taken and edited with iPhone SE.

Foto 15-3-19 12 50 36

Foto 15-3-19 12 52 03
The Spanish Embassy in Copenhagen.
Foto 15-3-19 12 54 59
Østerport train station.
Foto 15-3-19 12 56 19
Østerport train station.
Foto 15-3-19 13 01 45
Kastellet entrance.

Foto 15-3-19 13 03 12Foto 15-3-19 13 04 14Foto 15-3-19 13 25 08Foto 15-3-19 13 09 25Foto 15-3-19 13 11 29Foto 15-3-19 13 15 49Foto 15-3-19 13 19 11Foto 15-3-19 13 21 17Foto 15-3-19 13 22 27

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