Trip to Odense (31/03/19)

Last Sunday we went to Odense, in Fionia’s island. It was a one day trip, we took the bus around 9.30 in the morning and came back to Trekroner at 11pm.

It was the second trip inside Denmark I did, and I liked it, although we all think that while Denmark has really beautiful landscapes, forests and fresh air, it’s not that touristic. We were wrong at deciding to stay that many hours in Odense, because there wasn’t that much to see really, and also because it was Sunday everything was closed.

We enjoyed walking through the parks, the river, sitting in the grass, and eating grapes while sunbathing (thank God the sun has come again to Denmark). A big part of the city seems to be under construction, that’s why I took a picture of three cranes at some point. The churches were really big, and the streets were incredibly calmed. It was weird for us because we somehow thought Odense would be an imponent city as Copenhagen is, but it’s not. If anyone reading this is planning trips around Denmark, I’m not sure I would recommend visiting Odense. We are thinking about going to Aarhus, and maybe that town has a bit more ambient than this one had. Still, it was great. One of the little excitements of being here I had it was knowing that a singer that I really like, MØ, was raised in Odense (or at least that’s what Wikipedia says).

Hope you enjoy the pics, xoxo

Pictures taken and edited with iPhone SE.

Foto 31-3-19 13 58 29Foto 31-3-19 14 12 06Foto 31-3-19 14 32 44Foto 31-3-19 14 33 13Foto 31-3-19 14 37 28Foto 31-3-19 14 45 51Foto 31-3-19 14 49 06Foto 31-3-19 14 50 01Foto 31-3-19 15 27 05Foto 31-3-19 15 27 22Foto 31-3-19 15 28 07Foto 31-3-19 15 40 16Foto 31-3-19 15 41 29Foto 31-3-19 15 42 19Foto 31-3-19 18 46 58Foto 31-3-19 18 52 23

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