L.A. (on La La Land)

I was born within a game I hate

 But if there is no scape

I guess I’ll have to play

It out like the best

But if there’s something I need to do

And it’s up for me to choose

I want to be where art resides

And hear the music start the count

Cause at least the walls are coloured

Is kind of beautiful to look

In the meantime to your move

Not a winner neither loser 

I am watching from the uber

Believe  me I would help you if I could

But I’m just as trapped as you

And many times it all seems impossible

I get confused and can’t recall my lines

But then I just remember

that special things are made by 

people really not that special 

That’s why I decide L.A

To be the place where I choose to play

And get a shot to at least one move

Before my turn to die in vain 

Cause’ when your gone from here your light remains

And maybe someone can use that trail

To move faster and win the game

Seems hard but who knows

Just have to have faith

I just hope you are not behind

The fake signs of hope

A man without dreams

Is nothing

It’s better to be a fool with dreams

That a hopeless smart man 

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